Monday, May 18, 2009

Mitsubishi XD221U Projector

Mitsubishi XD221UProjectors are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can have for teaching or business. There are many different projectors on the markets these days and it can be hard to find one that suits your needs.

When you think of Mitsubishi, you more than likely think of cars and not projectors. However, Mitsubishi has ventured into a new field with the XD221U projector. With all the different features on it, the XD221U is an excellent teaching assistant for any classroom.

The XD221U has no need for external speakers. It has 10W high-volume speakers which are enough to disperse the sound clearly to everybody in the room. With an optional wireless microphone and a unique "Audio Mix" feature, your voice is amplified loud and clear every time you use it. If you tender to a class with hearing impaired people, then the XD221U's closed caption feature is perfect for your needs. The built-in closed caption decoder takes words and turns them into subtitles which are displayed onto the screen with just the touch of a button.

The user interface menu is very simple to use. The tool bar has seven basic main menu options and one custom menu all of which are very simple to use, even if you are technically handy. The XD221U also has dual PC Input Terminals allowing you to hook up two different computers to the same projector at the same time. This projector also comes with BrilliantColorTM Technology presenting you with incredibly clear images that look just as good as real videos or images that you see on your computer instead of getting that hazy projection image. It has a DLP, 0.55" 1 chip DMD display type with 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Mitsubishi, like all other car companies, is starting to make their cars greener, so why shouldn't their other products be green as well? The XD221U is more green, engineered with specific eco-friendly features. The XD221U consumes less than 1 watt of power when it is in standby mode to conserve energy consumption. The box, instructions, and any other paper accessories involved with this projector are made entirely of recycled paper, decreasing the reliance on natural resources and trees. The XD221U also has a paint-free cabinet and uses lead-free solder making this one of the greenest projectors on the market.

The projectors lamp is located in the upper part of the chassis. With this type of top loading lamp system, replacing burnt out bulbs is simple, regardless if your projector is hanging from a ceiling, on your desk, or on a shelf. The XD221U also has a built-in RJ-45 port. If you have your projector connected to a dedicated LAN, then it is simple to view the status of your projector or multiple projectors you may have in the same building. Also accessible through this feature are things like power on/off and source inputs as well as many other functions.

The Mitsubishi XD221U is definitely a perfect projector for your classroom or office setting. It has many features that are key for use in an office or classroom, not too clunky, and its green standards are top notch. This projector will run you around $800 but can be found on some web sites for close to $700.

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