Friday, July 18, 2008

Holographic Handheld Projectors by 2010

An Indian Tech Giant called Infosys has patented a system that will enable a mobile handset to send and receive 3D holographic images, and could be on the market by 2010. This patented technology will capture and send 3D images from your surrounding world instantly to other handsets.

The holographic technology would see beneficial applications for professionals and individuals alike by sending realistic depictions of car damages, injuries, visual aids for educators, medical scans and many other uses. These mobile devices will also be capable of projecting 3D films, games, and virtual media quick and easily.

This technology works by taking a series of 2d shots taken from a digital camera, or other image capturing device, and turn these into 3D holograms using advanced technologies and calculations to build the 3rd dimension to produce a hologram. Devices running this technology will be able to both send and receive these holographic images and will display them using a laser projector and optimized holographic lenses.

"Holographic handsets have the capability of enriching the user experience with an actual 3D experience and higher-quality images," an Infosys representative said. "This gives users a more realistic experience in areas like gaming, medicine, movies etc."
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