Friday, June 20, 2008

Extend Bulb Life

Today’s projectors burn out after about 2000 hours of use and with an average bulb price being $350 don’t you think that you should try and get all 2000 hours out of your bulb. Well here is some easy tips to remember when using your projector to extend your project bulb life.

• Operate your projector in a clean dust-free environment.

• Keep your projectors air filter clean. Make sure to clean your projectors air intake filter ever three to six months. This varies on the amount of dust in your room.

• Keep the exhaust vent at least 2 feet away from any object. If your exhaust intake does not have adequate clearance, you risk the chance of your projector overheating.

• When replacing the bulb or handling the bulb do not use your naked hands/fingers, use gloves. Even the slightest bit of oil on the bulb can cause it to blow due to a hotspot forming on the bulb.

• Use “Lamp Economy Mode” whenever possible. If you use this feature you can see as high as a 50% increase in lamp life with only a 20% reduction in brightness.

• Do not unplug your projector until your projector has cooled off for 5 minutes. Hot Bulbs are very fragile and the vibration caused by movement can break the lamps filament.

• Once your projector goes off, do not turn it back on for at least an hour. A bulb must be stone cold when you start it, or the projector will send to much voltage early in the heat-up cycle, and you will drastically shorten the bulb life.

• Do not shake or jostle your projector. Projectors are sensitive to these types of movements, especially when the projector is on.

• Do not turn a projector on in cold weather. If it is 40 degrees or below, your projector lamp will have a tendency to explode if you turn it on immediately. Same goes for hot temperatures. Never leave your projector in a car on a hot or cold day!
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