Thursday, April 3, 2014

Casio Debuts New XJ-UT301WN LampFree Short Throw Projector For Education

Casio recently unveiled a new projector aimed at the education market. In the projector industry short-throw projectors are the standard for use in education. This new projector is known as the XJ-UT301WN and is billed, according to Casio, as the world's brightest LampFree Ultra Short Throw projector. The XJ-UT301WN comes with a native resolution of 1200x800 and a native aspect ratio of 16:10.

In addition to that, the projector also has a contrast ratio of 1800:1 and is capable of producing an image of 50" to 110". According to Casio, an 87" image can be projected from a distance of 21.5" from the screen while a 77" image can be displayed from 18.8" away. The XJ-UT301WN also has support for 16.77 million colors and there is also a built-in mini D-Sub, HDMI and Composite for video connectivity. There is a WiFi option that is also available.

Like I mentioned earlier, the XJ-UT301WN is a lamp-free projector, utilizing Casio's LampFree technology. This means it is able to eliminate a very annoying issue that every projector has...short lamp life. Most lamps for projectors do not last long and they are pretty expensive to replace. Casio's LampFree technology uses a combination of a laser, florescent element and LED light to create a hybrid light source. This light source is good. This light source is good for up to 20,000 hours and is capable of a 3,100 lumen output.

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Casio has fitted the XJ-UT301WN with 2GB of integrated memory which allows for file format storage internally. This means that you don't need an external computer to store files. In addition to that, Casio has also developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows the user to annotate presentations from the mobile device as well as capture and save. What's more is that the app also allows the user to display a web browser in real time.

Casio expects the XJ-UT301WN projector to ship sometime in Q3 of this year for a retail price of $1,999.99.