Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BenQ MP522: 10 Refurbished Projectors In Stock

BenQ MP522
If you are looking for a high quality projector but you aren't prepared to drop a ton of cash on one then look no further than the Refurbished MP522 in the Tech Army E-Store. The Tech Army E-Store can save you hundreds of dollars by giving you the option of purchasing refurbished equipment instead of brand new equipment. RentOurProjectors.com is always expanding their rental inventory. When excess equipment arrives back in their rental inventory it is sent over to the people at Tech Army where it is refurbished, re-tuned and tested to make sure it's in top notch condition.

The Tech Army just recently received 10 BenQ MP522 projectors that are refurbished and ready to be put in your hands. The BenQ MP522 is designed to best work in smaller rooms. It has 1000:1 contrast ratio, 2000 ANSI lumens and a native XGA (1024x768) resolution. From 18ft away the MP522 can display a 300in image measured diagonally. Portability is good with the MP522 only weighing less than 5lbs. When put in Eco Mode the MP522 runs quieter than it does in normal mode however the brightness takes a significant drop in quality when in Eco Mode. The MP522 is primarily designed for business use however it does surprisingly well if used for watching movies or playing games on it at home. It can not handle HD movies but plays standard ones just fine. The BenQ MP522 runs at a price of $599 online if you buy it new from BenQ, but you can can order a refurbished unit today for only $445 with free shipping, a price that you can't beat.

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MHParant said...

Is this a Benq MP522-ST ?