Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Toshiba Makes A Projector That Talks

Toshiba has invented the first projector that comes with a new feature called voice guidance. Here is what it does: “The Voice Guidance feature provides ease of use, preventative maintenance updates and a lower total cost of ownership. The voice guidance system in the TLP-X200U directs users with an audible message through the projector’s operating instructions and system warnings, such as the on/off status, lamp life, air filter checks, and cooling fan status.” Source

Pretty much in plain terms the projector talks to you and warns you when something is wrong and tells you the state of a certain thing. Pretty much that is all this projector has to offer is less than useful gadgets and awful specs. It weighs 4.4pounds, it is wireless, has 3,000 ANSI lumens, 600: 1 contrast ratio, and a 1024 x 768 native resolution.

Retail prices on a projector that talks is $1,739, the price seems high for todays market. You can get a a projector with similar specs for a much more reasonable price of around $1000. So it looks like the main selling point here is the projectors voice guidance feature.


Luminator said...

I think it is a pretty cool idea and absolutely different from anyone else out there. It will help many users to navigate better through the meny. I dont get the negative comment, must be somebody who is competing with Toshiba.

Andy Wendt said...

What is there not to get? He said that other than the voice thing this projector offers no compelling features to make it stand out. But I can see that for some people the voice thing might be worth the money. It just depends on your needs.