Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LED Projectors Coming Soon

LED Projector
DLP technology from Texas Instruments has made a full size lamp-less projector that utilizes LED’s. Led projectors have been out for a while now, but only for cellphones and Pocket Projectors.

These lamp-free projectors utilize a BrilliantColor chipset and a Phlatlight LED light source. So what are the benefits of having an LED projector over a lamp projector? First and foremost is the fact that no more replacing an expensive projector bulb every time you turn around. You will also benefit by seeing increased picture quality, mantaining 1080p resolution, reliability and value. Also worth noting is there will be no need for a fan so the projector will be silent and less energy consumption Texas Instruments also stated that “The reflective nature of the mirrors on the DLP chip allow more light to reach the screen resulting in a 50% increase in color gamut range producing more than 200 trillion colors and a contrast ratio in excess of 500,000:1.” Now that is impressive, expect to see the new Home Theater LED projectors coming out later in 2008.

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